Planning a Vacation in the US? Here's a Step-by-Step Roadmap

The USA is a dream destination for many travel enthusiasts for its beautiful landscapes, amazing nightlife, mesmerizing engineering and architecture marvels, and diverse ethnicities. While a trip to the U.S. is certainly exciting, the planning and preparation part could be exhausting. From seeking details about USA tour packages to booking hotels, the entire vacation could take a toll on you. If you want it to be a relaxed experience, right from the moment you start planning, this blog post will guide you on how to make everything perfect for the U.S. trip.
Step 1 - Know Visa and Entry Requirements

You must have a valid passport, visa, and other accepted documents. The U.S. has a Visa Waiver program for a maximum 90 days for individuals traveling from 36 countries. If your country is not a participant in VWP, apply for a visa at the embassy. There are many reputable USA tour packages providers who also assist their clients in getting Visa for the US.

Step 2 - Getting to and Around the USA

By Air - All the leading airlines fly to the U.S. and every major city in the country has an airport. If you want to explore the distant areas in the U.S., there are many daily non-stop flights between major cities. 

By Train - You can buy tickets for Amtrak, the national rail providers to cover multiple destinations.

By Car - Driving is the most economical way of getting around in the U.S. Foreign drivers’ licenses are accepted in the U.S. provided they are in English.

Step 3 - Places to Visit

New York City

The NYC is probably the best place to see in the U.S. You can visit museums, theaters and some of the renowned restaurants. The Central Park will give you a respite from skyscrapers and busy city life.


Honolulu is the perfect balance of urban and beach environment. The city has a pleasant weather throughout the year. Make sure that you visit Waikiki Beach.

San Francisco

San Francisco is known for cultural diversity because of many social movements that took place in the city and a mix of ethnic groups. Explore the neighborhood to get the feel of the city.

Grand Canyon

No visit to the U.S. is complete without a trip to the Grand Canyon National Park. You can either hike the Bright Angel Trail or cruise through the Colorado River to reach the massive and breathtakingly beautiful rock formations.

Washington D.C.

The capital of the U.S., Washington D.C. has iconic landmarks such as Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial. There are many restaurants and bars in the capital to make your nightlife lively.

Step 4 - Where to Stay?

Accommodation in the U.S. is slightly expensive but the price also depends on which part of the country you are planning to stay. A premier boutique hotel would cost $250-300 and more for a double occupancy. Standard hotels have a tariff between $120-150 for double occupancy, bed and breakfast are available for $80-150 for double occupancy and a motel will cost you $70-100.
Wrapping Up

It is practically impossible to cover the entire U.S. on a single trip, provided you have plans to stay in the country for a couple of months. If you have time limitations, plan ahead so that nothing important and worth experiencing is skipped in the travel itinerary. It is always better to book USA tour packages, which would save you from the hassle of arranging for accommodation, sightseeing and everything else on your own. The trips are planned by experienced travel coordinators who book decent accommodation and take care of every comfort of their customers.

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