Believe it or Not: Top Five Incredibly Beautiful Places in Bali That One Must Visit and Experience

Every time any tourist visits Bali, he/she is surprised and mesmerised by its beauty. It has the charm and blessed with so many beautiful locations that you will simply fall in love with this place. If you have been looking for an apt location for proposing your loved one or spending the best time of life in honeymoon then this the right place for every romantic location.  Love is in the air of Bali and the calm & peaceful atmosphere just rejuvenates your mind, body and soul. If you have been planning to book Bali tour package to take a break from the mechanical city life or enjoy the underwater experience then it is the best decision you have taken and chose the ideal location on earth.

1.Dieng Plateau, Central Java

If you wish to experience heaven on earth then visit Dieng Plateau which simply looks like you are above the earth, flying in the sky and floating on the clouds. It is a caldera complex which is located 2000 metres above the sea level. It is the coolest destinations in Indonesia so the climate changes frequent from the moment start moving upwards. This location is also famous for trekking, hiking and bungee jumping. There are many Hindu temples in Bali and some of the temples in this location are also very famous.

2. Lake Maninjau, West Sumatra

It is bit off beat place compared to others but if you are looking for unspoiled natural wonder then this is the perfect location. Spending alone some quality time with your loved one at this location is really romantic and lifetime moment. The interesting part of the location is that the lake is located at the volcanic crater around 461 metres above the sea level. The adventures thing is to take 44 hairpin turns to reach this destination, but it is worth visiting!

3. Thousand Islands, DKI Jakarta

If you are looking for breathtaking views, crystal clear water and amazingly blessed location then take a 90 minute ride on the boat to Pulau Macan, known as Tiger Island. The environment here is so fresh, pure air, clear water, bright sunlight and mouth-watering fresh food. You will just feel like exploring more such islands in Bali.

4. Bandung, West Java

Bandung is also known as the Paris of Java. This Paris in Indonesia has been blessed with green and cool city known as West Java. Tourists who love greenery, country side locations, and beautiful views will love this place. Food lovers, this place is simply for you to taste the best in the world dishes. Do not miss to enjoy the traditional music of Sunda using local instrument known as angklung.

5. Pontianak, West Kalimantan

Those who have been waiting for the places to enjoy water sports like swimming, scuba diving, etc. the river in Pontianak is the world’s second largest and largest in Indonesia. The village in this location has the tradition of using local medicines instead of pharmacy. People have tattoos on their body, wear heavy metal earrings and perform different types of rituals. If you wish to enjoy this location to the fullest then look for some local guide.


If you are planning to book Bali tour package then you should plan in advance and book the tickets as early as possible so you can avail the best discount offers. For more information keep us posted in the comment section.

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