Hidden gems of Europe- Explore the serene beauty of Europe

The basic Europe guide consists of the same old cliché places and things you can do - museums of Paris, canals of Amsterdam, shopping in London and the same old list of things you’ve been hearing tourists do all the time. It would be naive to say that these places aren’t worth it, but it is always good to break the monotony and explore some stunning off the beat places which are away from the hustle and bustle. Here are some of the most surreal places of Europe that are less talked about but totally worth splurging on.

Samos-Kokkari, Greece.
Samos should be the priority while you’re planning your Europe tour package from Ahmedabad as everyone deserves to witness the ultimate beauty of this place. This tiny island is overwhelmed with vegetation and soothing colorful landscape everywhere you look. The caves, canyons, the massive imposing mountains, calm and serene waterside, pleasant atmosphere and rainy weather make this place a perfect getaway from the fast paced city life.

2. Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy.

A merger of two destinations- Civita which is a beautiful hill station, accessible only from the road passing through Bagnoregio- when combined leads to the most beautiful hill station of Civita di Bagnoregio. The reasons why you must include this heavenly place in your Europe tour package are pretty obvious - the long steep bridge (that links to Civita and Bagnoregio) which has mesmerizing view on both the sides. If you are looking for a road trip with minimum traffic and extra-ordinary scenic beauty, this is the apt place for you.

3. Rothenburg, Germany.

Heaven for history buffs, visit Rothenburg where you’ll take a leap back to the medieval life of the Europeans. The unique atmosphere and the historic buildings if this place will serve as a reminder of the ancient era and what things used to be like back then. You will discover evidence of a bygone age on almost every corner right from lovingly restored house fronts, fountains, gables, bay windows and street signs.

4. Bohinj, Slovenia.

The wonderfully charming and unique region of Slovenia, Bohinj is located in the heart of the Julian Alps. The most extensive and the highest mountain range in Slovenia, lies in the most south-eastern part of the Alps. Lake Bohinj is a must visit site which is the largest lake of Slovenia.

5. Menton , France.

Nestled in the heart of a bay bounded to the west by Cape Martin and to the east by the edge of Mortola, the city is open to the Mediterranean and backed by the foothills of the Alps. It is surrounded by a circle of high mountains that dominate the Mont Agel (1149 m), Mount Ours (1249 m) and Le Berceau (1 200m)


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