Hong Kong Disneyland - A destination that is bound to flatter you

If you are visiting Hong Kong now and if you visit it after five years, you won’t be able to recognize it. That is how fast Hong Kong transforms. Hong Kong is shopper’s paradise, hub for electronic items and moreover it has endless things to offer to its tourists. The main attraction of Hong Kong is Disneyland which is located at Lantau Island in Hong Kong. Disneyland is a place which tourists of any age will cherish and enjoy at. There is a long list of things you can do while at Disneyland, to know the best attractions of Disneyland and why you must include it in your Hong Kong tour package from Ahmedabad keep on ready. 

1.Disney in the star fireworks

The fireworks at the Hong Kong Disneyland display at montage of Disney music. The harmony of the sound tracks and the bursts will leave you stunned and you will run out of battery clicking pictures. You will also be able to vaguely see the mountains in the distance as the beautiful fireworks explode which will remind you of the bizarre mix of the theme park in which you’re standing.

2. Disney flights of fantasy parade

Debuted during the park’s fifth anniversary, this fantasy parade is a very colorful and energetic day time parade where you will find some really interesting things going on. The catchy music and cute Mickey Mouse balloons floating everywhere will make you groove along! The parade is accompanied by energetic acrobatic performers.

3. Mystic manor

A trackless dark ride tour which resembles the haunted mansion is a major attraction at Disneyland. The pre-show will introduce you to the memorable characters and then later - the main ride itself will blow you away with a combination of thrill and engaging and entertaining stories and beautiful music

4. Jungle river cruise

Jungle river cruise basically includes boat rides amongst the beautiful scenery. The skippers are usually not native English-speakers, so the dry comedy of the attraction doesn’t really work. Yet it is fun to see them mock around and entertain you. The ride goes through lush green jungles and you can cherish the abundance of natural beauty.

5. Festival of the Lion king

Acrobats, singers, and other performers in tribal attire and vibrant costumes, plus barges with Lion King Characters and other creatures enact scenes from the Lion King in a very lively theatrical show. There’s a lot of stuff going on, but unlike the Animal Kingdom abstract version, this is a condensed retelling of the movie.


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