Top Five European Cities To Build Your Own Europe Trip In Coming Holidays

Europe is so huge that if you plan to explore even one country fully then it may take several years to complete your tour. Either you need to have a lot of bank balance or lifetime of time to explore the continent. Unfortunately not all of us have so much time, so the best thing that you can plan is to cover a set of cities in single visit. In order to help you find the best of the cities in Europe we have identified some which are on the top of the charts of most travellers. If you are planning to book Europe tour package with ideal locations of your dream then you can consider the locations explained below.
The first thing that you will notice in Copenhagen is the two-line metro lines that run across the city. Whether you want to travel to your hotel or airport, the metro train is the best way to travel around the Danish city. If you wish to explore the city closely then you can also hire a bike which comes with a GPS. Because of the number of bikes used in this city, Copenhagen has been also named as the bike city. Enjoy the European style of architecture, lip smacking dishes and cocktail bars to excite your night moods.
Paris needs no introduction; however we would like to highlights some of the new places which you should plan to visit during your tour. Places in the ‘City of Lights’ are Champs-Elyees, Montmarte, halls of the Louvre, Saintee Chapelle, and the famous Shakespeare and Company. You can also stay at the Shakespeare store by volunteering at the store for few hours. Paris is a romantic location that you should not miss during your tour.
If you have heard about the city of bridges then it is none other than the Stockholm city. There are more than 57 bridges across the cities, cobble stoned pedestrian roads, 14 islands and amusement park from 18th century. Taking a ride across the city will make you feel like you are absolutely in a different era and world. The architecture of the building, stations, and museums are very famous. You should know that Stockholm is best location for foreign travellers with lowest crime rates.
Dubliners are very warm people who make you feel at home and help you explore the city to the full extent. You can leave all your stress behind and enjoy the best places like Dublin Castle, St. Partick’s Cathedral, Museums and Art Galleries. You can also take a lead card from the 20 Euros and you can take ride across the city.
The city of festivals is the right place where you should end your tour. Edinburgh is famous variety of festivals celebrated all over the year. Whether it is international film festival, Music festival, Blues Festival or the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo are organized in Edinburgh. Before planning your Europe tour, check out the festival dates and be part of it to experience the wave of celebration.
These are some of the most famous and top rated cities in Europe which you can plan to cover in a single visit. If you need more information regarding Europe tour package then keep us posted in the comment.

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