The most famous places in Mauritius you need to visit which will leave you awestruck

Even after you have visited beaches from all around the world, the beaches of Mauritius will connect with you in a totally different way. Spend your days by simply laying on the beach after a good day of exploring and doing wonderful activities that Mauritius has to offer. Your Mauritius tour is bound to be full of fun if you know the right places that you need to include in your Mauritius tour package. To plan a perfect Mauritius tour package below are the places that you need to include.

1.        Le Morne Brabant.

Found in the South of the island, this scarcely inhabited place tops the list of major tourist attractions in Mauritius. It is mostly surrounded by various hotels. You will have the chance of seeing Le Morne Mountain which classified as World heritage. This single peak encapsulates so much of Mauritius’ history in it. This mountain was the place for slaves to escape from their masters. This place is full of scenic viewpoints over the west coast of the island and also over the southern part of the island.

2.         Black River Gorges National Park.

This stunning national park stretches over 6574 hectares of incredible native forests and wildlife that covers 3.5% of Mauritius’ land area which includes a range of ecosystems. This dense forest is home to over 300 species of flowering plants. You will be able to spot one of the rarest birds in the world in this national park, since it is the habitat of the Pink pigeon:, a bird endemic to Mauritius that has nearly reached extinction. This national park proposes a large number of long hiking trails for the nature lovers.

3.         Chamarel.

Chamarel - is a small village that is located in the district of Savanne. It is adorned with the highest waterfall in Mauritius which is 100 metres and the 7-coloured earths. As you climb up the stairs to the viewing platform you will be stunned as it reveals an awe impressive view that hits the pool 100 metres below. The ‘Seven Coloured Earth’: made up of sand dunes of different distinct colors which include reds, purples and browns that will impress you for more than once.

4.         Ile Aux Cerfs.

Iles Aux Cerfs: A large outer isle of Mauritius is located off its East Coast, with beautiful white sandy beaches, huge palm trees and waters of all the shades of blue.Iles aux Cerfs is the most perfect place to relax and enjoy a BBQ or have a go at parasailing to have the majestic aerial view of this amazing pristine isle. This island’s main beach provides every basic service which includes restaurants that serve various delicacies. It also has the Bernard Langer golf course.

5.         Grand Bassin.

Grand Bassin is an extinct volcano and now a lake high up in the mountains that lies about 1800 feet above the sea level. It is the most sacred Hindu place on the island of Mauritius. On this spot, you will be able to visit a temple that is dedicated to Lord Shiva. There is also a majestic 108 foot statue of Lord Shiva which brings a touch of uniqueness to this specific location. You will escape reality and experience serenity at its best at this location.

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